Friday, January 30, 2015

CAN WE SAVE ONE LIFE ..?????????????

I want to start my post by asking this very critical question, Do we need to change the way we look at our society? And I will tell you why I am suddenly asking this question. I saw a very shocking news this morning on t.v. that some hundreds of under-age children are being rescued in Hyderabad from a bangle making factory. They all were working as bound laborers and were supplied to the factory owner for almost nothing. Now, one thing that out-rightly irritated me is that when I wanted to reconfirm the number of kids rescued by revisiting the news page online, I couldn't really find it on the front page of It was neither on top stories listing nor on editorial section. Somehow, in the hustle bustle of Delhi Elections, this very critical issues got a back seat. No one wrote about: How conveniently future of hundreds of kids is being compromised by the factory owner who hired them or should I say bought them; What was the reason they were kept in bound conditions; Who are these people who can supply human beings illegally without even worrying about the law for a single second; How are the authorities trying to support these kids now and doing what to help them forget trauma of being captive in the factory for so many years. This is such a sensitive issue which unfortunately could not attract the attention of the news headlines online. 

Making a news is imporant but the most important thing is what do we do to help avoiding cases like these from happening in future. I can bet how much media attention a news like this would have got in US, where human loss is the ultimate loss. I fail to understand why value of life is so small in our country. All of us who can afford to get their kids admission in various hobby classes and science classes and all of that, but as a society are we able to think how we can change lives of thousands and millions of these kids who end up at places like these in their early childhood. At this age these kids should be learning new things and not earning for living. It breaks my heart when I see childhood and innocence going waste and news related to them getting neglected. Our government is announcing programmes like "Beti Bachao, beti Padhao" but what about under-privileged and poor children as a whole. What about their childhood, what about their dreams, what about their standard of living. Why is it that we don't think the future of all these children in this country is Ours too. Just because they are poor, they can be sold, abused, kept in inhuman conditions and treated like an object!! Government & authorities need to introspect and do something about it. And now there is an idea that comes to my mind, Why can't every well-off family in this country adopt one under privileged kid and support him or her for life. This might be thinking out loud but isn't it possible? Imagine if this happens all the under-privileged would be taken care of. If Members of Parliament can adopt villages for development then why can't each rich, wealthy, successful family adopt a under-privileged kids for the sake of their future?? Isn't it a worthy thought to call the day off and contemplate it in silence and figure out Can't we change one innocent life???  And won't it change the future of our society as a whole, will we not be then a happy & successful society in absolute sense!!?? Think about it...!!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A funny low of Advertising...!!!

Well, everyday when I start for my office first thing I do is to switch on FM in my car and leave to start yet another day. But today something really funny was fed to my ears while driving. It was a new commercial run for MP tourism which drew my attention and actually speaking took a little test of my math skills. Just to explain a bit about the ad, it is about a man who left his girl friend back to travel to Madhya Pradesh and explore its historic beauty. A little or I must say quite a bit funny exaggeration of the advertisement depicts that the man takes 2 years to return as he says there was a lot to see in MP. Now the funniest part comes....(wait for it..!) ...when he finds his girl friend already married to someone and he is being welcomed by a small baby who can very well talk and innocently calls him 'Mamaji'. The girl friend, and now someone else's wife complains that she kept waiting for him and how he took complete two years to return and mean while her 2 sisters got married and she was the last one to say yes. Now my curious mind wants to ask a million dollar question and I assume this could have been asked by the client who approved the advertisement at the first place or if we talk about the experience and specialization, seniors in advertising agency who made the ad could have corrected this blunder, that did someone do a math before narrating the incidents about the girls life?? I mean how can 3 sisters get married within 2 years span wherein the girl in question claims to be married the last and yet have a kid who speaks fluently! I mean did someone really approve this?? The whole irony of the ad sucks my thought so much that it fails to register which state tourism we are actually talking about. It is an absurd height of exaggeration that I cant digest it in spite of being a advertising & media specialist. Pls guys, I know creativity needs thinking out of the box but it definitely need not be a absurd and stupid exaggeration to this extent that it kills the whole idea of striking a cord at customers heart.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Let Us All Be Religious !

If they say love  is blind, it should rather be because when it has eyes, it becomes selfish and obnoxious..... And if love is blind, let humanity also follow the league lest world will not be a happy place to stay. Religion is nothing but a way of living your life, a set of beliefs that you follow , but when you decide to live a life of a selfish person and forget love and humanity you become a atheist no matter how many times you revolve around temples or visit a Mosque or attend morning prayers in church.

Let me tell you a story, the best friend of my mine happens to be a Muslim. When we all were in college and started our first semester, we were still not in a defined friend circle, slowly and gradually as time passed, we all started to form groups as per our common personality traits. At that time, my friends group was as big as ten members and we all used to have food together, block class seats for each other. Boys used to be even better friends and never hesitated to use each others shirts, shoe polish, and for that matter deo and shampoos too. This was the friendship and love for each other. We were still unaware about each others cast and religion. We were just friends, and we enjoyed that. My best friend used to be show stopper among female seniors and they all liked him for his knowledge of travelling and religions specially- Hinduism. He knew everything about what Bhagwad Gita preaches and what exactly led the Mahabharata Yuddh. He had traveled more temples across India than all of us and knew about all the Gods existing in India. He was the only guy whom I have ever seen listening to popular chants of Hindus, 'The Hanuman Chalisa'. His love for religion and humanity was impressive as he could never see anyone in pain or problem. Whenever someone needed help, he used to be the first one to volunteer. This is called being religious. It was the third semester when He told me his full name and then to my surprise he told me that he is a Muslim. I was glad to hear that!! He was the first one who never acted like a typical religious person but his heart was pure and full of compassion. He was truly religious.

You know, sometimes we need to really lift ourselves above the levels which people around us, the society has set for us so that you can actually follow what a true religion want us to. The color of the skin can fade, the memory that remembers what is being taught to us can vanish but what remains for eternity and people remember is what we did to others, how we made them feel good and how many hearts you have won. If we can be a that religious, we are the people of GOD, else the whole meaning of it becomes fake. And truly dangerous for the society.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Everything You Do.....

I like the way you encourage me,
I like the way you make me feel,
While you make those friendly gestures,
Seems like my heart is gonna steal.

Every day, you shower on me,
Those precious gifts that I have never known,
Not the petty worldly things,
But valuables pieces of enlightenment and all.

I like the way you help me out,
I like the way you make me groom.
You are like an Angel for me,
Coz I like the way everything you do.

I know, you want to touch the sky
That's even what I feel too
When you inspire and push me up.

Feels like, I will win over the world 'nd I will, I do..!

My two Guiding Stars...:-*

I often realized while returning from any places, that to part is a sad experience...That's what I realized today after reading a story about a Irish family, 'Going into Exile'. The son Michael and daughter Mary of a peasant are leaving to US to earn their living and to try to get rid of a nightmare of being poor. The most remarkable thing which touched me deeply is Michael's sensitive move...

"Then without looking at their mother, who lay in the chair with her hands clasped on her lap, looking at the ground in a silent, tearless steepor, they left the room. Each hurriedly kissed little Thomas who was not going to Kilmurrage, and then hand in hand, they left the house. As Michael was going out of the door he picked up a piece of loose whitewash from the wall and put it in his pocket."

I often feel the same when I leave back from Lucknow.. Every visit of mine is like a special occasion in the house, Maa & Papa stand at the platform as my train approaches Lucknow station and while the train is still stopping, I see Maa from the window trying to search me in the crowd getting out of the train.... As soon as I step out of the train, Maa's eyes sparkle and both of them hug me tight while dad taking my luggage away....It is a different feeling....seeing them after a long time..

I am unable to understand how time flies while I stay at home, this is what Maa complains every time I visit her....She anxiously wait for me to arrive and then in a flash time passes and there comes the day to leave back....This is the day when Maa is not feeling a happy self that I am still there with her, but she focuses on the fact that I will be leaving in some time.....She breaks in tears thinking about the same and still complaining how the time pass like a blink..... Papa has always been following a ritual of presenting me a bottle of cola and a pack of chips every time he comes to see me off at the station, It's been practiced now for the last 8-9 years since the time I have been away from home for studies......But for me it's not a ritual, for me and Papa it's a kind of  language to tell each other that we care, that we love......

I always miss you Papa Maa...... Your love is immense and far great as I know how you have given me the best out of life and how hard you have worked to see me where I am right now.....

Love to you both my Guiding Stars Maa and Papa...!!